What the hell is this?

This is simply a centralized place to park my adventures.  A place for friends and family, and anyone else who is curious, to visit to find out where I am at and what I am up to.  I hope to inspire others to make more effort to explore and chase some dreams of their own.

Who am I?

My name is Don, and up till now, I have had a fairly normal life.   I recently found myself divorced, and wondering why my life was so sad and unfulfilling. It took me a short while to figure out I had been playing the game wrong, and living my life according to society’s rules.  I decided that since life is short, I would make my own rules.  So at age 50, I sold the house and most everything I owned, and I gave away the rest.  I purchased a slightly used school bus, threw in a motorcycle, a dog, and some remaining crap in it, and headed west.

So far, it has been the greatest time of my life.  Please look thru the pages and see if anything interests you.

Follow your dreams, I bet you will not regret it.

To skip all the bad writing, and old videos – watch the edited series on YouTube: