“You need to get to the east coast….”

“….the whole place is on fire out there.”  My mother exclaimed in a voicemail, after reading a previous post. So I thought I would post a map below to reassure Mom that I am out of danger – fire danger, anyway.  As you can see, there is nothing around me to to burn.   Actually, the map is deceiving, as there is plenty of sage-grass, just no trees.  AND, I can see any fire for miles, maybe even 100 or more? I am in the desert of southern Wyoming, headed south into Utah, and into Ashley Nat Forest(aka “Flaming Gorge”).

I am camped above Fort Bridger(the town), on a massive BLM hillside that has comm towers and loads of pronghorn.  In fact, as I took the picture(phone) below, a herd of pronghorn came running up the hill, as if being chased by the sun.  Once they saw me, they turned and ran the other way.   I did capture some decent footage on the opposite ridge, so you can see them in the distance with the next post.IMG_20160826_200027