Walls are framed in

IMG_2402And I finished most of the kitchen and office structure, along with the closet.  Finishing them off in the next couple of weeks, with the rest of the bus.   Although I could have gotten SOOO much more done, had I not run into so many obstacles(truck brakes, running out of supplies, etc.) I am very pleased with what I have accomplished in the last 10 days.

2 thoughts on “Walls are framed in

  1. How many things about your old bus did you think, “next time I do this, I’ll do it differently” about? Or are you basically just doing the same floor plan? I was interested to see that your friend built her bed so that it would come out of there in case she had to bring something big in the back door – that’s the sort of thing I would never think about. But then, I’d never have such a big bed. I can sleep on a couch with no problem.
    What’s wrong with the lift?

    1. Funny you ask about floorplan, as I do put quite a bit of that into it. With the first bus I spent hours sitting inside, looking at the walls, and adding movable tables and a blow up mattress to simulate the space used. This time, I am making a few changes, but almost exactly the same floorplan(other than changing sides to accommodate tanks due to AC under the bus) If it works why change it? Something simple is wrong with the lift, but not sure yet? Prolly a safety interlock?

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