The surprise of Los Padres

How could a National Forest on the Pacific coast suck? By reading the website you might think it was a city park, lame is the word that comes to mind.  They skipped almost all of the awesome.

Oh well, let me help ……..some.

The first night we rolled in the sun was going down, so I stopped at a quiet pull-off where I could unload the bike in the morning

IMG_0358 IMG_0357

The next morning I had some coffee and hit Nacimiento Road, and headed into the woods down some awesome FS roads.  Got lost, many times, as the roads ran into private gates.  That evening, Dude and I enjoyed a more prepared sunset with beer/dinner overlooking San Martin Rock, and the Pacific.

IMG_0443 IMG_0389 IMG_0415

The net morning, yet another Canadian hottie shows up at my camp spot, and we chatted for a bit.  Maybe I will see her in the desert?

Nichole from Canada

6 thoughts on “The surprise of Los Padres

  1. Dear Don:
    Hi man! I was so happy to meet you this weekend at Jawbone Canyon. My only regret is not spending some real quality time getting to know one another.

    I would surely like to see the video that you shot of me hill; climbing on the new BMW 2016 Triple Black R1200GS, thanks!

    My offer still stands. Anytime that you come through L.A. I would be happy to make time to meet you. That means that if you need a stop along the way and just want to grab dinner that works. Maybe we will see each other on that road again.

    You are on a journey, I am envious. You go man, just go!

    Your new friend, if however brief,

      1. And The Dude had a bad day yesterday, he stepped on a cactus and fell into a pile Prickly Pear, I spent an hour pulling needles out of his butt, but he is OK now 🙂

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