The (not so) Grand Canyon

I hate to be negative about such an extraordinary place, but once again the NPS has prevented my immersion in the real beauty. Once again they have provided a $30 log-flume, giving me just enough “splash” to frustrate me that I cannot swim down the amusement ride. Nevertheless, I came, I saw, I got the obligatory pics…….

I camped just outside the gate in Kaibab NF, so I rolled in the gate before sunrise to get some good light.

I don’t think the light was ever “right” down in the canyon, or there was too much humidity?

I did manage to take a nice hot shower on the south rim, and it got me pumped enough to climb up into the wind for the shot I imagined when I started this journey in August.

Shortly after I got this pic, I filled my water tank, and hauled ass south again, rolling down just south of Sedona, dropping 3,000 feet, and gaining 20 degrees.  Found a nice spot with some sucky, multi-colored hills that look as tho they need exploring.

After I parked, I realized I was sharing my view with a neighbor.  She seemed a little pissed.

She kept giving me “that look”.

The moonrise last night gave me the feeling that this was all too good to be true.  I am much more excited about riding around here than I was about the Grand Canyon.

The Coconino Adventure begins in about 45 minutes.