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Too much fun in Gunnison

So much that I had to leave, and regain my senses.  that place is crazy – magnificent scenery, colors, wildlife, water, air and history.  Too much to soak in, so I left.  Well, I needed supplies, and I had a meeting scheduled down south.  I will be headed back shortly, I could not get the bus over the jeep passes anyway.

Camped out 50 feet above the lake in Lake City – nice camping spot, and great place to run Engineer and Cinnamon Passes again(plus a few more new ones).

Easy access to some of the best motorsickle ridin’ IN THE WORLD.

Seems other guys have figured it out also.

I did spend a night in Gunnison-the-town(it was awesome), but I don’t want to confuse that with Gunnison the awesome Nat. Park.  After doing some laundry, and eating out downtown, I left town and headed south to find my next awesome spot – it was on the creek and I had my first night on BLM (more about that later.

I think they called it “Silver Medal Fishing”, and you had a limit of two trout over 16″, and all Rainbow trout must be returned to the water immediately.  There was one fisherman, with his trusty sidekick beside him.  The Dude held his ground and OUR side of the creek.

It was a bit chilly outside the next morning.  Looks like I will need to start looking into a heating solution, if I want to continue in this part of the country.

Next morning, we moved further south and found the Headwaters of the Rio Grande.  The peak in the background is the “Rio Grande Pyramid”.  I think Egyptians built it before the gold rush?

Just down the road is Rio Grande Nat. Park, where I spent 2 nights on the side of some volcanic remains(mountain)


Even Dude was amazed at the insane scenery.

This picture sums up my week+ in Gunnison.

Videos soon.