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Ghost towns and abandoned mines of the Arizona Desert

So I met a buddy west of Phoenix to do some riding around in the desert to explore cool trails, and some mining history.


After some awesome riding, we were quickly inside the first mine-shaft.  I was acting like a 4 year-old at Disneyland.  Luckily, Adrian remembered a flashlight, and we walked down into the shaft.IMG_0789

The next mine had implemented security measures to prevent exploration, thieves, and adventurers like us from penetration – the threat was also penetration. IMG_0807 IMG_0808

Needless to say we respected the wishes of the would-be-murderer, and found a more welcoming site the next day.  It was the ghost-town of Swansea, and the well-preserved/restored worker’s cottages from 1908.IMG_0830


On top of the great riding, history, geology and ruins, we were treated to yet another awesome desert sunset.