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  1. That is too weird, I was just looking at the SPOT system online as this posted. I was riding some pretty crazy single track by myself this weekend, where you put a tire off and you are in serious trouble or injured, and I thought I was crazy, if I fell, nobody would know even where to look for me….I guess getting older and common sense go together sometimes. I was also looking at the Life Flight membership, a guy on a bike was telling me about his $23k helicopter ride he took a couple years ago…ouch
    Keep me posted on how it is working…

    1. John, As a First Responder in Alabama, we are told to put helo on ground standby on every moto accident. The patient is flown 50% of the time when weather allows. The more remote the location, the more likely you will be flown. The other thing to be aware of, if the local medical helo is unavailable, they will contact the neighboring helos. Be sure your insurance will cover any helo that is dispatched to the scene.

    2. “I guess getting older and common sense go together sometimes.” – or sometimes just crashing enough will implant some caution?

      Look at Delorme’s tracker before your purchase – you can actually communicate with that one

  2. Good info, thanks!
    I was following your track yesterday Don. I heard the Delorme is good, but a bit more costly, I will look into it as well. I am surprised no one has done a phone app for this yet.

    1. When I was married (and had someone that cared about me) I had a couple of interesting phone apps, but you still need service to be able to use those – satellites are your friend in the places YOU ride.

      1. So no phone apps that work off of the gps like the backcountry nav app? Have you used that app more? I use it all the time when out on the trails.

        I see you were in Cheyenne last night, maybe you do have people who want to know where you are…not the ex wife.

        have fun!

          1. SPOT was the only device I was aware of. I have several friends that use them, and never heard anything “bad” – In the Payette, I met a couple guys using them, one highly recommended them as a way to communicate not just track. I think they may be worth the price if you are always riding outside cell coverage. The plans vary in price too, as I understand. Same guys had the airlift insurance too.

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