Snoqualmie Woods

Camped right next to a creek near Snoqualmie Pass, just east of Seattle. It rained from the moment I rolled in, to the minute we rolled out – it was magical. Some may know of my childhood enchantment with rain, and that is exactly why I am here – to see the American rain-forest.

I actually started a fire IN THE RAIN. I heard it could be done with proper technique. I actually STARTED the fire under the tarp, with wet wood, tinder, a knife and a lighter. BAM!! Bushcraft baby!!

Dude and I sat and enjoyed 5 hours of precipitative bliss under the tarp, until the firewood burned away.  Moss covers EVERYTHING up here.  Too bad the rain prevented me from capturing the depth of growth during our hike into the woods.

The next morning, the weather cleared and allowed a few shots on the nearby Yakima River.

It took quite a bit of “sense” to prevent me from pulling the boat off and paddling down the river full of strainers, to wind up who knows where?

And The Dude objected too 🙂

Sitting in  a Target Parking lot in Seattle currently.

3 thoughts on “Snoqualmie Woods

  1. Yo! Yo! and, more, yo! He the journey is going well. Sounds like it! I share your enchantment with rain–that one picture just looks sublime! I used to LOVE being down in ‘the country’ when it rained, late fall, and Id just sit out in my gear listening to that rain. Sublime, I tells ya! I keep telling MA that Seattle area is on my short list for relocations possibilities. Anyway, please get a hunter-orange vest for The Dude. He favors certain fauna, like fawns, too much! Anyway, I’ll keep in touch more often. Keep living the dream!
    PS-how’s the tofu?

  2. What a GREAT spot for a campfire! I can almost hear the rain on the tarp. No doubt a fantastic time there.

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