Shafer Trail

Went scouting cool spots to ride after moving into the canyon below.  All the maps and signs are a bit confusing in the area, so I don’t actually know if I was riding Potash Rd., Shafer Rd., or White Rim, but most likely I was riding all three.  This was simply a scouting run, to look for riding over the next week.  I found a unique arch, and fantasized about riding over it(and dying), and found the cliff-jumping set from Thelma and Louise.  It was a good day.

2 thoughts on “Shafer Trail

  1. We certainly appreciate you following the rules and the common sense of not attempting to ride across the arch.

    After all, you were wearing a BamaRides shirt and who wants that sort of publicity when they found your body?

    (Keep livin’ the dream)

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