Serendipity Returns

I was ready to abandon my my hopes of serendipity leading my journey, as I had hit so many walls of disappointment.  Failures one after the other were prodding me to do more planning.  Until Breakneck Pass.  A turn onto the road for the pass led me to horses, and the entrance to Breakneck Pass, which was a switchback onto a narrow, rough dirt road.

IMG_3979 IMG_3978

This pass surely would have ended my trip if not my life.  As I turned around, I noticed another entrance to a campground 7 miles away.  Man this road was rough, emptied my new fridge of beer and food onto the floor.  Then, I ran into this guy.  Bedded down in a beaver meadow.


Weston Pass turned into my best experience so far.  I finally unloaded the bike for the first time since leaving Birmingham.  I found a few trails, mining ruins, and talked to several other riders “doing the Divide”IMG_3991

As you can see in the pic above, Pike NF is on one side, San Isbel NF is on the other.  I must have seen 50+ adventure guys riding this road.IMG_4024

This Canadian couple above stopped to chat, they dropped their rig in Wyoming, and had ridden down to Leadville and were riding back.  They seemed truly happy.


Some mining ruins – there were a LOT of old roadside minesIMG_4016 IMG_4017

Old outhouse at another mineIMG_4035 IMG_4037


Video to come when I have better Internet.

2 thoughts on “Serendipity Returns

  1. Just found out about your mid life crisis. I remember a few years ago I told you that you were a writer and you told me just how wrong I was.
    Well looks like I was right again.
    Listen quietly for your muse, she’s whispering in your ear. We will all be here when you get over the whole wanderlust thingie.

    1. I think you are confusing my comments about interesting things, as interesting commentary. Thanks anyway, it is good to know folks enjoy it.

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