Riggins, Id. Whitewater capital of the west

IMG_20160813_123530Rolled down some amazing switchbacks into the lower Samon Valley, and on into Riggins.  I passed thru here a few days ago but missed the turn up river.  It is much cooler up a few thousand feet by the lake anyway, so I am happy.  This some amazing country.


6 thoughts on “Riggins, Id. Whitewater capital of the west

  1. We were behind the bus heading up to Brundage on Friday, we did the Secesh. Will be following your adventures –

  2. Probably Riggins has changed a lot since i was last through there in the mid-90s. I certainly don’t remember drinking anything but Rainer beer there.

    1. Probably has not changed that much. The beer was from a coffee shop/outfitter, that also had some nice beer in the fridge – I had to ask if it was for sale 🙂

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