Reason to Ignorance – only 388 Miles

Just left Green Bank, W. Virginia, home of the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope.  The GBT sits in the center of the National Radio Quiet Zone – 13,000 square miles of restricted by law for radio transmission.  No cell phone towers may transmit into this area, so all comms are thru cable and satellite – very strict radio silence.


Only had to travel to N. Kentucky (just outside Cincinnati) to find the center of the universe for ignorance – the Creation Museum.  The founders believe the dinosaur models they have on display are less than 6,000 years old, and they present them alongside displays of The Ark, and Cain and Abel.


Since I could not bear paying ANY money to see all this silliness, I simply snapped a picture from the entrance, uploaded my own silliness from the parking lot, and continued on my way to South Dakota.

6,000 year-old Dino
6,000 year-old Dino, rescued on Noah’s Ark

Keep track of the journey across America HERE

6 thoughts on “Reason to Ignorance – only 388 Miles

    1. I thought the junkassosorass outside of Desoto was the link to the beginning.
      Have fun and enjoy the dumbassary.

  1. Ummmm, you don’t have to go to Kentucky to find that kind of thought. You could have stayed home for that! So anyway–are you doing any kind of fishing? I’m trying to plan a fly fishing trip for ,e and the boy–probably fall. Wonder where you’ll be around then….

    1. Dude, I am trying to fish, and paddle, but folks keep making it hard. A 3 day licence in Tn. was $46 – I could have bought quite a bit of trout for that.

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