Push a motorcycle across Church Butte

What a short ride I had yesterday, only rode about 7 miles from the bus, in the desert, when the bike just quit running. Could have been much worse, but I only wound up pushing the bike about a mile, then walking the 6 additional miles back to the bus. Did not have enough water for an adventure, as it started out as a scouting run. But that ended the riding day, and now I am trying to figure out the best place to travel to for resources. Last night I headed west to Salt Lake, as I knew they would have resources, and a BMW service guy or 10 if I needed them. Luckily I stopped in Ft. Bridger for Internet, and realized it was 95+ during the day in Salt Lake – looks like Rock Springs, WY is the destination. I will pull it out there to see if I can troubleshoot the problem, and order parts if I need to.

6 thoughts on “Push a motorcycle across Church Butte

    1. yep, gas – check!
      pull and test ignition switch – check!
      ether spray – check!
      pull plugs to check spark – with special tool I do not have – FAIL!!!

  1. Hope you find the problem without too much trouble.

    If you start posting your spot, I’ll help monitor it for you.

    1. It has already been a lot of trouble 🙁 Thanks for the monitoring offer – I don’t want to die in the desert

  2. Second that not dying in the desert comment. That would not be to my liking.

    It’s been a year since you left! Give or take a few days. And I bet you are a changed man. I think you look the best I’ve ever seen you look. And I definitely mostly envy your life.

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