Payette Nat Forest

IMG_20160812_140831Rolling out of McCall, north towards the Payette was harder than it sounds.  McCall is a beautiful lake/snow town, and no, I did not get any pics, as it seems I was always gathering or doing something else in town, other than relaxing.  Night 2, I moved up to a nice hillside spot above Burgdorf – an old hot springs resort right off the road.  I did some exploring the next morning, to get my bearings and find what all I needed to see in the coming days. IMG_20160814_134449 I had talked to Alabama-Jared from Boise, and coincidentally, he was to be at an event, less than 3 miles from my camp, with his new hardcore-singletrack friends from TVTMA.  While he got his soul-crushing single-track-fix, I did more exploring around the endless wilderness along the Salmon River.

IMG_1912I never did find the 2 hidden hot springs, or the prepper’s hilltop bunker, or any of the old mines, but I did find many other gems.

89 feet up, at the dizzying Corey Dome Lookout Tower
89 feet up, at the dizzying Corey Dome Lookout Tower

IMG_20160813_150320I also found it so hot in the valley, I had to go for a dip in the birthday suit – I did not expect any more paddlers, as the nearest upstream put-in was in Montana.  I guess that explains the flag on the lead-boat of four, all with small children on board.  I did have my pants on by the the time they came around the bend 🙂

Salmon River Skinny Dipping Hole

Total number of animals almost killed while riding:

  • Deer=9
  • Tiny foxes = 4
  • Rodents(squirrels, etc.)  = 50+
  • In fact, this morning while leaving, I realized the visitor I had the night before had either returned, or was still inside the bus.  I have no pics, but somehow, a chipmunk got into the bus.  I should know by morning if he hitchhiked all the way to Boise?

7 thoughts on “Payette Nat Forest

  1. The trick to finding hot springs/soaking spots is to look for blue tarps. The locals will build a rock dam and line it with a tarp to hold the water.
    I spent several weeks in the Banks ID area running the various forks of the Payette River several times in the 80s and 90s

  2. Best video yet. I am so happy you take the time to do these! Love from Bama. Good to see Mill too.

    1. Yes it is good to see J. I am seeing him for those that can’t. Bet he would like to see you guys too?

  3. Awesome video! It was great to meet and chat with you. Fun following along on your website too. I was the one camping will mill. If you have any questions about your upcoming adventures in Colorado let me know. I grew up there and just recently upgraded to the gem state. Have safe travels!

    1. Great to meet you too Mike, the Gem State was too smokey, so I am headed east to Wyoming, but will hit you up when I go south.

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