Paddle the Colorado

election night party

Got a nice paddle in on Monday, but I have been so busy I am just now getting around to posting. Got my parts in yesterday, after getting blood drawn for my new Western Doctor – YAY!! So now I don’t have to beg Eastern Doc, for refills, or drive back to Bama for auscultations. Got the bike fixed by sundown, and went to celebrate – and witness the Meltdown of America 🙁   I could not vote so don’t blame me!!

4 thoughts on “Paddle the Colorado

  1. Catching up on your adventures. We were paddling the Colorado through the Grand Canyon Oct 14 -Nov 3. Got back to AL Sunday. 21 days on the river with no access to the outside world. 25 cases of beer were consumed, 2 half gallons of tequila, and a couple fifths of bourbon.
    Ain’t the West great?

    1. Holy crap, I can’t believe you are making ME jealous? Damn right it is fantastic out here, everyone should come out and see it for themselves.

  2. I know you are riding, paddling, and hiking but I hope you don’t have to incorporate those rock scaling skills on the path!

    1. My climbing-for-fun days are over, still have the gear in case I need to get over or down something – but you won’t see me climbing up simply to get to the top 🙁

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