Outside Moab

beehiveI was stunned when I drove past this beehive for the first time.  I think it may even be the one on the state tags, and road signs?  Look closely at the base you can see a little black dot at the bottom right, just above the grass – it is a 10-foot cave door.  Looks can be deceiving, this thing is almost 200 feet tall.

I am camped about 5 miles from the monolith, and I can even see it from camp.  This is the first time the bus has been on slickrock, and the first time I have camped on it.


In the other direction I can see what I am calling the Alien Birthday Cake – at the base you can see the hangers for alien space-craft.  I will be exploring both structures tomorrow.


But tonight I am chilling in front of the first campfire I have had in WEEKS!



4 thoughts on “Outside Moab

  1. The beehive, or Ms Butterworths! How ironic, I’m in Moab too, just for a few hours as I’m traveling from Oregon on my way back to NC til Thanksgiving and then to Florida. I’d love to say hi in person if you’ll be around today (Saturday). I’ll be in the area til about noon before heading onward. Give me a shout if so. Ronda

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