…. oh yeah, there is the smoke….

Friday afternoon – mild smoke in Stanley
Noon in Stanley, trees are not visible.

Not to paint a pretty picture of Idaho, without pointing out some of the downsides.  The place seems to be on fire every summer.  So much wilderness, and so much dry fuel, waiting for a bolt of lightning, it should not be surprising the place burns every year.  My first time into Boise last year, I was shocked at the density of smoke, and I think that was even drifting in from Oregon.   Seems everyone has gotten used to it – the place burns.  Seems they have to pick and choose which fires to deal with and when.  I even passed a couple of campgrounds that burned just a few miles from mine this morning.  Well, I am having a hard time dealing with it.  On my way down to Ketchum yesterday, the sky was crystal clear and blue.  On the way back up to camp, it was smokey and sad.  Lucky for me, I have a choice where I live, so I am headed east – gonna try to find a non-burning, remote spot in Yellowstone, as I head south into Colorado.

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  1. That is so very true about all the fires there, so very sad. You will love Yellowstone!! I can’t wait to see your adventures there!

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