My new home is in the driveway

20150328_075205600 miles to Ohio, and 600 miles back – a great ride back. but rolling in at 2:30 in the morning was pretty suck.  The preview to my new adventure got off to a good start, with no catastrophic failure.  Not sure I could have even recovered from a bad tire, after spending almost all reserves on the bus  and travel expense.  Cutting it close, but I need to get started now while I have a base.

20150328_155131Ripped out the seats, and cleaned the rubber puke mat, after the fail of attempted removal of flooring.  I estimate it has 700 bolts that must be CUT out from UNDER the bus, and I doubt that I can even get to them all.  So the puke mat stays for now, I will build on top of it.



20150402_091149My next challenge is to refit the wheelchair lift to allow me to lift a motorcycle, and load it into the rear of the bus   Right, it looks as simple as extending the ramp about 18 inches to get the bike UP to the bus.

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