My Karma Account must be overdrawn?

Stopped in Glenwood Springs last night, as the sun was going down.  This morning bus cranked fine, and I decided to fix the bike.  My cell phone DIED – DEAD!!  So I will continue on my way to Grand Junction, the only Best Buy west of the Rockies, apparently.

4 thoughts on “My Karma Account must be overdrawn?

  1. Bummer deal! All kinds of cool stuff around Glenwood. Now you should just head to the San Juans after junction. Head south to Ouray or telluride.

    You could stop at peach Valley ohv area and ride a cool canyon that has all sorts of birds of prey nests. Lots of cool hills to ride there too but it’s all desert like. Email me if you want more info.

    1. Awesome Mike, been trying to make a decision between Ouray/Silverton, or the desert side. Now you have my attention. Any experience over in the Paradox Valley? Went thru there years ago and was impressed by the geology/scenery.

  2. I think I was in Paradox valley as a kid but I don’t remember much. I would suggest doing the mountains while the leaves are changing and then head to the desert side of things… I think I heard there is a new trail that connects that area to Moab though?

    Somewhere around Ouray would be a good place to park the bus and take 550/Red mountain pass to Silverton on the bike before you take the bus up it (unless you have done it before). I think it is one of the deadliest passses in america (exposure) so it would be good for you to ride first and make sure all the gremlins are out of your bus! I’d probably base out of Silverton though. Cool town and you are kind of in the middle of things. Telluride is a great town too but it has transformed into… Well, overpriced and granola…. If you haven’t done it, do Black Bear pass into telluride. Google first to make sure you are okay with it. Then from Telluride there is another amazing pass that takes you back to Ouray where I took this picture-
    Also check out the alpine loop.

    Uncompahgre NF is pretty cool too but not nearly as spectacular as the San Juans.

    Here is Peach valley. Lots of stuff to play on and you can get pretty close to the black canyon. 38.594545, -107.889987 It is deserty though so maybe save it for later unless you need a place to stay. You need to do it once though. Feels like you are on the moon! Looks like this
    (San Juans in the background. They get snowed in pretty quick…)

    I rambled a bit but hopefully there is a good nugget of info in there somewhere. Email if you have any questions.

    1. Awesome info Mike! Stayed outside of Silverton last year for 2 weeks, and did most of the epic stuff but still did not get to Black Bear or Imogen, they are on the list this time. Like you said if the bus holds up. Not really sure if it is altitude or hill climping or both, but should find out soon. Hopefully it is simply coincidence, and the bus does fine. I think you are right about desert vs. Trees, and a big goal is seeing the spectacle of color from the aspens. It is really nice here on Grand Mesa!

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