Moving towards the center

Lunch at 2,000 feet above Lewiston, ID

Gonna try to setup camp near the center of Idaho today.  From everything I have heard about central Idaho, there is really no reason to ever leave Idaho….until the snow starts falling.  This state is one of the most diverse I have found.  In fact, it appears they have just about everything except ocean, and with some of the lakes I have been on, that is even hard to tell you are not on an ocean (except you are surrounded by mountains).
The plan is to explore the central mountain, attack the Magruder Corridor, a 100 mile single lane dirt path skirting two wilderness areas, one is known as the River of No Return Wilderness – let’s hope that does not apply to me.

IMG_1840While preparing lunch, around 50 sporty cars came racing up the twisty mountain road below.  Come to find I have a front-row seat for the Dust Ball Rally.  The cars are still trickling by, as it appears to be a moderately paced event.