Morning Sin in Fort Collins

IMG_20160831_081539After overnighting in a shopping center, waiting on my $400 solar battery evaluation, I decided that being parked next to a fancy donut shop all night was simply too tempting.  Had a very productive day yesterday – put the bike in the shop, washed the filthy bus, dropped off ailing battery, did laundry, and even got some cleaning done.  I think I deserve a little bit of deviance?

I have plenty of other things to do while waiting on the bike, and Ft. Collins is a GREAT place to do them.  Blazing Internets, everywhere, and it appears everything I need is jammed into a few blocks.  Everyone rides bikes or skateboards, or walks here?  I even saw some bike-riding kids picking up donuts this morning.  Look for more from Ft. Collins this week.