Montana Folk Festival

Pretty awesome music festival in a beautiful town. Diverse music from around the world, awesome $3-4 beer, good food, great weather (till today), a relaxed crowd, ALL FOR FREE!!

Getting antsy to see if I can make it to Missoula with 4 extra gallons of oil, and trying to take it slow, stopping more often to cool the engine. Next report hopefully, will be from downtown Missoula. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Montana Folk Festival

  1. Greetings !!! Saw your bus checked out your website and was deeply touched by your short but very moving story. I live in missoula so if u make it , I know you will be welcomed 🙂 if you need anything feel free to contact me. We even have some super healthy homemade bread if u could use some for the road !

    1. Wow Jaime, great to hear from you, and so far I LOVE Missoula – yes, I made it. I would love to buy you a beer in exchange for bread if you can work that in?

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