Cross-Town Move – an adventure in itself

After spending almost a month in my old neighborhood, I decided it was time to relocate to a less conspicuous residence.  32-foot long buses are unique in this area of Hoover.

So Sunday afternoon I cranked up and attempted to move 15 miles away.  I did not get out of Hoover before the bus almost stalled on the interstate going UPHILL into Birmingham.  Turns out, the transmission was 1-1/2 quarts low, which makes it spin and get hot, and not shift, or convert torque to the driveshaft.  After a rescue from my brother (thanks Bro!) and a dash of ATF, I was on my way.

I arrived a few minutes later into my friend Kris’s backyard.  Shady, quiet, much cooler (Temperature and neighborhood attitude) and after cutting a few limbs, my hostess ran all my grid-tie essentials out to the bus – I LOVE this lady!  She cooks every night and feeds me the scraps in a bowl out back (or I dip it myself and sit at the table).

Looks like 2-3 weeks here until I can get some money in the bank, then headed to N. Ga.  I am really diggin The Ham this trip?

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