Marooned in the Shangri-la of Wyoming

Although I left Wyoming Thursday, I was so consumed with rolling away in my freshly-glued bus that I did not think of reporting the fun I had till I rolled into Missoula.  The return of the oil-sprinkler outside of Billings consumed most of my energy, focus and time.


So I was pleased to to be marooned in the Shangri-LA of Wyoming (no it is NOT Yellowstone).  Like I told everyone I talked to- it could be worse….I could have broken down in Casper- what a shithole.  Instead of suffering in a Casper hotel,  I only had to roll up a marvelous mountain for a few miles to camp in luxury amongst the deer, pronghorn, and bigger game (which I never saw).


My camp, as remote as I thought it was, was less than 5 miles from a wonderful lodge with cabins, food, beer, and horses.


This lodge-regular bellied-up to get snacks from the guests (he is sitting on a chair). How could you refuse THAT face?

Expect to see more video from this place in the future.

7 thoughts on “Marooned in the Shangri-la of Wyoming

  1. I have a friend who broke down in Casper and was stuck there for 9 days waiting on parts from Japan.
    Glad you are rolling again.

    1. Wished I was rolling, I am stuck in Billings, waiting on a turbo, only because I prefer running 60+, rather than 30-40 mph. Was Brandon stuck there?

      1. Oh, bummer. Well sounds like you are on your way at least.
        Yes, it was Brandon. He was riding this mid eighties Yamaha that he bought from a friend of mine. It was his first bike. The shaft drive took a crap possibly because my buddy before him did a cheapo lowering job by cutting the springs altering the angle of the shaft.
        Either that or it finally said enough is enough after Brandon piled a billion miles on it. lol

        1. I figured it was “billion miles Brandon” that skinny-freaking schoolteacher inspired me to start exploring….. I love that guy!!!!!

  2. Holy crap. What’s the turbocharger and the re-repair of the repaired thing going to cost?

    Man what a beautiful place. I am struck by the absence of people in these amazing places you go to. I would be there if I could, I swear. Breathtaking vistas.

    And there are lots of ways to be in prison. <3

    1. turbo will cost over $1k, unknown what the re-repair will cost.
      The BEST thing about the places I go are the few number of people – I don’t spend a lot of time in WalMart, or at least you will never see it 🙂

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