Made it to Missoula

It took awhile.  Actually it was fairly quick, but when I first got here, I realized I had lost my phone.  After trying fruitlessly to call the phone (thought I might have dropped it in the bus), I decided to return to the rest area where I last used it, and crawled under it to take this picture.

So after about an hour, I raced back 20 miles in the rain, to find my phone exactly where I dropped it almost 2 hours before.  Covered with rain, the screen was in perfect condition.  The back of the phone showed it had been run over at least once, and has sustained damage to the frame also.  It is functional, and not really much worse than it was before.  I simply cannot take pictures or navigate easily.

But I have  a phone.


AND I am parked less than a block away from a pretty awesome brewery.  Gonna overnight and find out what all this town has to offer tommorow.  Stay tuned.



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