I cannot escape Colorado


The gravity here is 5x earth-norm.  I need to do repairs on the bus, the bike, do laundry, but I cannot escape The Wild.  It draws me back in like a black hole.  I have already discovered the Black Canyon – a few mile outside of Montrose (where I will stay the night)  I will re-provision in the morning, make a stop at the Public Lands field office on the way, and get more details about where I will wind up tomorrow.

I have massive video of a moose, deer, marmots, and my adventure into an abandoned gold mine.


Or later.


4 thoughts on “I cannot escape Colorado

  1. I don’t even know what a marmot IS.
    I continue to be wildly envious of everything but the cold.
    Do you have Dude’s warm coat?
    Have you met any cool people?
    Have you had even the first lonely moment?
    Does the bus get warm when it’s running?
    I guess that round of questions will do for the day. 🙂
    love from ‘bama

    1. Dude has 4 sweaters. Met some dudes riding to Argentina – got a sticker. Not a lonely moment yet. The only time it gets cold is the 1st hour out of bed in the morning, otherwise it is really NICE.

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