Heart of the Mojave Desert

Yes, I am BACK in California.  Spent the night in Las Vegas, picked up some tires and accessories, then headed south.  Nobody told me south was California?  OK, so here I am in Needles, on old Route 66

I noticed a sign as I turned onto the Interstate – OHHH!!!   More BLM, OK, staying here tonight, changing tires in the morning, riding in the afternoon.  AND…..I am getting 4g internets in the desert – ROCK OUT WITH YER COCK OUT!!!!!

After changing tires, adding a decent mirror, and some small maintenance, I was on my way to conquer some sand…..or not?

2 thoughts on “Heart of the Mojave Desert

  1. I’m still learning the sand too. From my experience, stay in the gas (HEAVY) as much as you can. Keep the bike rolling the entire time through the turns with as little braking as possible. Still seems sketchy to me, ha! Good to see you’re enjoying the desert life.

    1. Always been OK in the sand(small sand) but this stuff is completely different, not to mention, this is not a beach. These are “rivers of sand” and they have rocks and trees, and turns, and banks of solid ground, as I found out when I tried to climb one – crash!! I am getting better, and more comfortable, but it still sux 🙂

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