6 thoughts on “Trying to engineer a motorcycle lift on the bus

  1. Have you thought about welding steel hinges to the lift struts (farther up the gate, not on the very edge) and then using a piece of steel channel to flip out instead of aluminum?

  2. Option 1: place heavy piece of angle iron across where you cut the short ramp off. Get a longer aluminum ramp and attach at least a foot closer to the bus. make a short ramp to get up on the aluminum ramp.

    Option 2: 4-5 ft long 3-4″ channel attached to the original ramp as far forward as you can and still fit the bike.

    I hope this makes sense.

      1. I was thinking along those lines also. You just need the edge of the original ramp to be very solid and not flex, then attach the front of the add-on part as close to the bus as possible and to a solid mounting point.
        Use the tubing running parallel to the bike to mount to, not the wire mesh.
        You can always add a short 6-10″ ramp to transition from the ground to the add-on part.
        Sometimes sleeping/walking away from a problem will clear your head enough to solve the problem.

  3. WanderingJuggler has some thoughts – but I can’t put them into words. He’ll shoot you the house number on Skoolie – give him a call! (The woes of being the daughter/sister/wife of smart men and not understanding any of it!)

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