Plumbing a freaking school bus

20150728_085441It is harder than you think, because the only plumbing in a bus is the radiator – you must customize EVERYTHING else.  You want a sink?  Drill some holes.  You want a shower?  Drill some holes.  Oh, you want water to flow thru both?  Buy a tank, a 20150728_154807water pump, mount them both, then run some pipe between them, and make sure the pipes 20150728_161439don’t leak.  Oh, you want both options to drain?  OK, build a drain system, drill more holes….yaddyadda………

Oh, wait, I almost forgot……make sure you test all the installs, fittings, make sure the damn thing does not explode when you fill it with water, because you might be under it when all 470 pounds comes crashing onto your head.

SON OF A BITCH….I have water flow in the bus – and NO LEAKS?

20150731_175509 20150731_175603