4 thoughts on “Installing freshwater and grey water tanks

  1. Elegant. I love the way you just cut holes in it wherever you want them. Will you put some kind of edging on the bare metal, and some kind of spring to pull them closed? I love these build vids.

    That fresh water tank doesn’t hardly look strong enough to carry the weight, with that few support points. And I didn’t think about freezing! No freezing allowed.

    1. Holes have to be planned unfortunately. I wish I could get them anywhere! The plan is to fold some PVC around the edges, hinges on the front, and a latch on the rear. I hope the tank is strong enough, if not I have to build a frame (that was my original plan) I did see another bus couple that broke their’s in mexico https://youtu.be/A276kJWSrkw?t=408 but it looks as tho the frame broke, not the tank?

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