Day 2 on the Slab

Yesterday evening I moved the bus from the fringes, towards the center, yet still far enough from most to not be a bother to anyone.  As t4he sun was going down, my nearest neighbor approached, introduced himself and I found out he was a permanent resident.  He filled me in on the realities of the place.  It seems the place is nice until the winter folks arrive.  He also encouraged me to hang out till Saturday, and give the place a chance.  So I stayed another day, pulled the bike out and did some exploring.  I wish I would have done this yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2 on the Slab

  1. Looks like a damn cool place to take pictures of, then leave. The bathroom facilities look a little sketchy to me.

    And on a related note…
    How’s the composting toilet working out?

    1. I think everyone should visit, and spend as much time there as you can, talking to as many folks as you can(there is variety) and then promptly split!!

      The composter is working better than I ever imagined. I pass 98% of the full-timers, on my way to wilderness, at the RV parks, stuck with their stinky hoses plugged up, in-town, 6 feet away from all the others that might as well be at “home”. Very happy.

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