Craters of the Moon

The coolest thing about the monument was, I got into the park before it opened.  My pass allowed me to breeze right past the construction crew at the gate, and enjoy the solitude before anyone else disturbed it.  I climbed on top of a cinder cone, took some pics and video with the phone – and most of it was screwed up – so no video.  I did get a nice panorama from the cone.PANO_20160823_084623

IMG_20160823_161427On the way to Idaho Falls, a couple buzzed by on their Olds Kool rides, and clearly they were on an adventure.  When I saw them pulled off I HAD to stop and chat.  Daria and Martine were on their way from the west coast to Nebraska, by way of Tokyo.  We are headed in the same direction, maybe I will see them again, barring smoke and fire.


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