Challis Nat Forest – Smokey goodness

vlcsnap-2016-08-23-18h47m27s485I left Boise because of the heat and smoke, drifting down from the Boise Nat Forest.  Riding thru the Boise was a bit nervous, breathing in smoke, passing all the fire crews, closed roads, and burnt forest.  All to escape to Challis, north and east of most of the fire.  It is really amazing to think of the effort put into controlling these natural disasters EVERY SUMMER!

Lots to see, ghost towns, rivers, mining history, and this behemoth, that apparently scraped a block of gold from the river, equivalent to 2 feet square.PANO_20160821_175400

After several days of escaping the encroaching smoke, I packed up yesterday and went south.

2 thoughts on “Challis Nat Forest – Smokey goodness

  1. Killer. Just killer. I can’t imagine how you get through that kind of rock on your bike. It puts me in the mind of some of Gravlee’s vids, plowing through huge rocks like that.

    That smoke can’t be good for your lungs!

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