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Bryce Canyon and a Winter Storm

img_20161117_085403Wouldn’t you know it?  I am having fun once again, and the snow drives me away!  I guess I am always having fun – maybe THAT is the problem?  Well, I was really looking forward to exploring around Bryce Canyon and the Dixie National Forest, and a winter storm drops in to say hello – DAMMIT!  I did get the velocipede out for some pics and exercise, found the perfect campsite 4 miles away, and BOOM – Mother Nature comes calling – the slut!

Well down into the valley and Cedar City, to regroup and decide on a non-snow-laden destination south of here.  Any suggestions?

Grand Junction – Not as bad as it looks

Odd brewery at the end of my test-ride

I have not found anything “special” about this town, and yet it has been home for almost a week. I stopped here last year, while it was raining, and the views were impressive.  The weather has been fantastic, although the bus heats up a good bit by 4pm, and does not start to cool till after dark – too bad my bike has been crapped out.  The list of things that have broken in the last 2 weeks should impress most folks:

  • Bus would not crank, and smoked when it did  [resolved?]
  • Bike overheated and blew fuses/died  [resolved?]
  • Phone died  [resolved]
  • Solar power system melted [resolved]
  • Health issues [resolved]

I guess it was a good thing I did not have a plane ticket in my pocket?  Funny, it seems I have been dealing with these issues by laughing at the oddity, and feeling “things could be much worse”.  It seems to work, as most times I simply need to work my way thru the issues, and I either resolve them, or they resolve themselves.  Now, let us get back to our previously scheduled adventure?

Morning Sin in Fort Collins

IMG_20160831_081539After overnighting in a shopping center, waiting on my $400 solar battery evaluation, I decided that being parked next to a fancy donut shop all night was simply too tempting.  Had a very productive day yesterday – put the bike in the shop, washed the filthy bus, dropped off ailing battery, did laundry, and even got some cleaning done.  I think I deserve a little bit of deviance?

I have plenty of other things to do while waiting on the bike, and Ft. Collins is a GREAT place to do them.  Blazing Internets, everywhere, and it appears everything I need is jammed into a few blocks.  Everyone rides bikes or skateboards, or walks here?  I even saw some bike-riding kids picking up donuts this morning.  Look for more from Ft. Collins this week.