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Running errands around The Ham

unnamedWhat a fantastic day,  I was so lucky to be able to run around finally on the bike.  I just fixed the oil leak the other day, after a few weeks of sitting (riding was low priority), and I discovered how tender my fanny had become from not riding – it happens quickly.  After only a few miles I realized what amazing weather it was, I think it was around 65 degrees at 10:30 this morning, and brisk and windy was the standard.  Homewood, downtown, then back down to Hoover, and a big backwoods loop to McCalla to pick up some steel…on the scoot.  Sure would have liked to spend more time riding but I had a couple projects I needed to finish up, so later in the week?

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Paddle the Colorado

election night party

Got a nice paddle in on Monday, but I have been so busy I am just now getting around to posting. Got my parts in yesterday, after getting blood drawn for my new Western Doctor – YAY!! So now I don’t have to beg Eastern Doc, for refills, or drive back to Bama for auscultations. Got the bike fixed by sundown, and went to celebrate – and witness the Meltdown of America :(   I could not vote so don’t blame me!!

Human-Powered Biker

img_20161101_140809When I was in my thirties I could pedal up monster hills that many people had trouble walking up.  Now, I prefer walking up most of them, and pushing my bike.  I did quite a bit of pushing yesterday.  Shocking how much struggling I did, but it felt really good to be exhausted at the end of the day.  I did not achieve my goal of cave exploration, but the magnificence of the canyons replaced the desire to find the big holes.  Maybe when I get the dino-powered bike back?

Back on the Edge of La Sal

Since the parts for the bike will not be here till the end of next week at the earliest, I decided to go back up into the mountains overlooking Moab.  It seems the perfect location for now to enjoy broadband, good views and great weather.  It also has easy access to nice hiking nearby.  And that is what I did yesterday, on a perfect day. I think the hills are too steep and long for any peddling, so I will save that for Tuesday in Castle Valley.  Watch the video, and please answer the poll at the bottom, or post a comment below – I would like to hear what you folks think, thanks.