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Camping outside St. George Utah

Desert camping with Scott

Odd thing happened yesterday, after I ordered a tire from the local bike shop, I figured I would overnight nearby in town.  The next morning I woke to the sound of knocking on the door, and I slowly made my way to find nobody outside.  I figured it must have been one of my many fans, and started some coffee.  About the time coffee was ready, some sum-bitch pulled up and was writing a note, and headed towards the bus.  It only took me a second to recognize the face of a buddy I met last year – Scott from the RTR!!

We caught up a bit, and he told me he was camped outside of town, and told me to join him – I was excited to join him, as he rides a dual sport too, and has been living a similar life as me for the past year.  When I picked up my tires I headed the six miles or so south into Arizona, and onto the plateau with mountains surrounding.  We wound up going to dinner at a nice steak restaurant, and this morning I went exploring the desert.img_20161119_123826

img_20161119_124549I found some petroglyphs less than 5 miles away and took a few pics.  Apparently the LIttle Black Mountain petroglyphs range in age over 8,000 years and many tribes of natives.  I probably found less than 100 of the 500 described to be in the area.  It was a short day of riding as I was underdressed for the weather.  I did get a feel for what I was in store for the rest of November.  I think I will like St. George.


Back on the Edge of La Sal

Since the parts for the bike will not be here till the end of next week at the earliest, I decided to go back up into the mountains overlooking Moab.  It seems the perfect location for now to enjoy broadband, good views and great weather.  It also has easy access to nice hiking nearby.  And that is what I did yesterday, on a perfect day. I think the hills are too steep and long for any peddling, so I will save that for Tuesday in Castle Valley.  Watch the video, and please answer the poll at the bottom, or post a comment below – I would like to hear what you folks think, thanks.




Outside Moab

beehiveI was stunned when I drove past this beehive for the first time.  I think it may even be the one on the state tags, and road signs?  Look closely at the base you can see a little black dot at the bottom right, just above the grass – it is a 10-foot cave door.  Looks can be deceiving, this thing is almost 200 feet tall.

I am camped about 5 miles from the monolith, and I can even see it from camp.  This is the first time the bus has been on slickrock, and the first time I have camped on it.


In the other direction I can see what I am calling the Alien Birthday Cake – at the base you can see the hangers for alien space-craft.  I will be exploring both structures tomorrow.


But tonight I am chilling in front of the first campfire I have had in WEEKS!



Paradise Lost

img_20160912_131827I only had 3 more weeks before they close everything up on Grand Mesa – 40 feet of snow prevents much activity. The punctured sidewall of my tire prevented me from having any REAL fun up there, so once again I moved for repairs, by-passing more of awesome Colorado. Fortunately there is much more awesome to be had in this state (if the bus holds up).  Hanging out in Montrose for a few days waiting on packages, and a tire in the morning.  Lots of awesome within range of this town if I can get a tire mounted in the morning.