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A week in St. George Utah

img_20161120_141826Spent a week camping and riding just south  of St. George across the Arizona line. Weather has been great till this week, and it appears that freezing weather is on the way, so it looks like I am rolling further south into Arizona. It has been great hanging out with two desert-riding buddies, but looks like I am leaving one behind. Scott has settled in here, found a job, and a lady. Lee appears to be ready for the warmer temps, so maybe we can hang out till the end of January? I hope to see Scott sooner than later, as I forgot how awesome it is having folks to hang  and ride with in the desert.

Bryce Canyon and a Winter Storm

img_20161117_085403Wouldn’t you know it?  I am having fun once again, and the snow drives me away!  I guess I am always having fun – maybe THAT is the problem?  Well, I was really looking forward to exploring around Bryce Canyon and the Dixie National Forest, and a winter storm drops in to say hello – DAMMIT!  I did get the velocipede out for some pics and exercise, found the perfect campsite 4 miles away, and BOOM – Mother Nature comes calling – the slut!

Well down into the valley and Cedar City, to regroup and decide on a non-snow-laden destination south of here.  Any suggestions?

Third Time is the charm

After getting the bike up and running, the White Rim was still bugging me.  Not just bugging me but I  freaking LOVE that canyon!!  So I decided that my favorite camp spot in Utah needed another visit, and I could make another attempt at the WRT before departing Moab.  It took me 6 hours to run the trail, even at a face pace, with very little dawdling (pics, video, gawking etc.)  Another 2 hours after that I got back to camp, and it was cold and dark, and I was whooped.  Lucky for me the beer in the fridge was ice-cold.  Another great day around Moab – my new home WOTR (west of the Rockies).


Moab Rim Trail, and Jug Handle Fail on a Dual Sport

This was a recovery-and-scouting day, so I took it easy on the bike and my body.  Nevertheless, I would like to see a moto of ANY sort get up these trails – I know they can be done, but I am afraid my marginal-trials-skills would lead me off a cliff, or to more injury. The 1st fail was on Moab Rim Trail – a breathtaking ledge right next to the river and the county road. Quick fail, and onto the next.  So I tried to get up the canyon I crashed in last year with the KLR, and decided it was not worth thrashing my bike or body this time. This was also the same canyon I came DOWN in 2011 on the V-Strom – disappointing how bad this road is falling apart.  My guess is many of the trails were reasonably passable a few years back, and now only passable by rock crawlers, or at least big-tired 4×4’s with locking hubs.  Pity, as I would like to get to the top of the rims and mesas to see what I am missing.  Maybe this week I can sneak in the back way?

Bitten by a Poison Spider

Seems like that might be a risk while riding on Poison Spider Mesa, right? While an arachnid did not puncture my skin, a gnarly rock formation certainly bit me in the ass….and wrist, and knee.  It was a simple tumble-after-stall, but the bike tossed me like a trebuchet, as I had nowhere to step.  It hurt, but I kept on riding.

Can you spot the Motorcycle?

img_2196An hour later, after discovering even more awesome trail, I got smacked by a hidden branch on the same wrist – WOW!!! That really freakin’ hurt!  Almost 24 hours later I am still wearing wrist support, it still hurts, and I am on light-duty restrictions for a couple of days- dammit!