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mobile living How-To’s

Cross-Town Move – an adventure in itself

After spending almost a month in my old neighborhood, I decided it was time to relocate to a less conspicuous residence.  32-foot long buses are unique in this area of Hoover.

So Sunday afternoon I cranked up and attempted to move 15 miles away.  I did not get out of Hoover before the bus almost stalled on the interstate going UPHILL into Birmingham.  Turns out, the transmission was 1-1/2 quarts low, which makes it spin and get hot, and not shift, or convert torque to the driveshaft.  After a rescue from my brother (thanks Bro!) and a dash of ATF, I was on my way.

I arrived a few minutes later into my friend Kris’s backyard.  Shady, quiet, much cooler (Temperature and neighborhood attitude) and after cutting a few limbs, my hostess ran all my grid-tie essentials out to the bus – I LOVE this lady!  She cooks every night and feeds me the scraps in a bowl out back (or I dip it myself and sit at the table).

Looks like 2-3 weeks here until I can get some money in the bank, then headed to N. Ga.  I am really diggin The Ham this trip?

Montana Folk Festival

Pretty awesome music festival in a beautiful town. Diverse music from around the world, awesome $3-4 beer, good food, great weather (till today), a relaxed crowd, ALL FOR FREE!!

Getting antsy to see if I can make it to Missoula with 4 extra gallons of oil, and trying to take it slow, stopping more often to cool the engine. Next report hopefully, will be from downtown Missoula. Wish me luck.

Marooned in the Shangri-la of Wyoming

Although I left Wyoming Thursday, I was so consumed with rolling away in my freshly-glued bus that I did not think of reporting the fun I had till I rolled into Missoula.  The return of the oil-sprinkler outside of Billings consumed most of my energy, focus and time.


So I was pleased to to be marooned in the Shangri-LA of Wyoming (no it is NOT Yellowstone).  Like I told everyone I talked to- it could be worse….I could have broken down in Casper- what a shithole.  Instead of suffering in a Casper hotel,  I only had to roll up a marvelous mountain for a few miles to camp in luxury amongst the deer, pronghorn, and bigger game (which I never saw).


My camp, as remote as I thought it was, was less than 5 miles from a wonderful lodge with cabins, food, beer, and horses.


This lodge-regular bellied-up to get snacks from the guests (he is sitting on a chair). How could you refuse THAT face?

Expect to see more video from this place in the future.

Skoolie Storage Rack build

Been wanting this since I left in August, but always thought it a luxury, rather than a necessity.  Now I want campfires, and to do that I will need a space to carry logs.  I have not carried logs up to this point because of the mess it makes, the bugs it brings in, and the space they would capture in my garage.  Now I can carry logs, an easy-access bicycle, a compressor, and any other large, disgusting or filthy thing I want to carry with me.

The project took a week to build, mainly because of daily shopping trips for steel and other supplies, the heat, mosquitos, and exhaustion.  I am very happy with the results.