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Kootenai to Canada

Since I was so close to BC, and I have  never been, I decided to roll up to Kootenai Nat Forest to camp and pre-exploreIMG_20160730_134814 the area. Found a fire tower yesterday and enjoyed a nice windy day of riding in N. Montana.
This morning I rode from Montana into Idaho and then crossed the border.  Currently I am in Kimberly, BC, having some poutin for breakfast.


Outside my window at the restaurant


Kalispell Impression

Awoken to a road-painting crew on a closed street, beside a brewery.

120 miles over a few mountains, and I rolled past a HUGE blue-green, amazing lake to roll into Kalispell. I will use Kalispell as a launching pad for Glacier and the Flathead.

I intend to reach a remote town called Polebridge almost in Canada, and I am pretty excited about it.

On to Kalispell and Whitefish

So my attempt to paddle Alberton Gorge yesterday was a fail, but I will make another attempt next week – it looks WAY too awesome to miss.


On a lighter note, I just filled the tank with 250 miles on it, and only added a quart (rather than 2 gallons) so I think the takin-er-easy method is working on the sprinkler system. Which is why I am headed north.

Baby Steps

I have decided that maybe the answer is to take baby steps – 20-30 miles at a time, slowly crawling across Montana, and staying clear of the mountain passes.  I think this might be the answer to the leak, as it seems to leak very little on slow, gentle rides, and let’s face it, I am in no real hurry.  This is still, after all, an adventure?

Doing laundry on the “crappy side of town”.


Made it to Missoula

It took awhile.  Actually it was fairly quick, but when I first got here, I realized I had lost my phone.  After trying fruitlessly to call the phone (thought I might have dropped it in the bus), I decided to return to the rest area where I last used it, and crawled under it to take this picture.

So after about an hour, I raced back 20 miles in the rain, to find my phone exactly where I dropped it almost 2 hours before.  Covered with rain, the screen was in perfect condition.  The back of the phone showed it had been run over at least once, and has sustained damage to the frame also.  It is functional, and not really much worse than it was before.  I simply cannot take pictures or navigate easily.

But I have  a phone.


AND I am parked less than a block away from a pretty awesome brewery.  Gonna overnight and find out what all this town has to offer tommorow.  Stay tuned.



Taking it up the Butte

So the bus ran like a top once again after leaving Billings. It appeared to not leak more than a few drops of oil till leaving Three Forks. Pulling into Butte, I smelled oil burning, and when I stopped, found the same 1/2 cup on the ground as before.


So I plan to pickle my brain at the  Montana Folk Festival, and figure out plan D (since plans A-C did not work out so well).  Oh well, at least there is a nice view.

Adventure is not always fun

So it looks like I may be stuck in Buffalo, WY while I get my oil sprinkler repaired. I believe I have lost a gallon in less than 100 miles?
I guess there are many worse places to be other than Buffalo. They have a auto parts shop and 2 diesel shops, along with a laundromat, and a car wash, both of which I will use this afternoon.

I am also at the foot of the Bighorn National Forest, and I still have the bike if I need to wait a week for parts – this bus would not make it over the pass.

2016 Tour

Currently planning the routes and stops for this year.  Looks like the first stop will be fairly close by.  I need to get my adventure gear together, and this is where it will most likely happen.  I plan to do some parking and riding, mixed in with some paddling, and maybe even some fishing. After a week or so, I plan to move NE into West Virginia, and do some exploring up there. More details soon.

Taco Stand

20160520_113249Had the blow the taco stand in Florida. It was getting hot in the swamp.  The air is cooler and dryer here in The Ham, and I get to catch up with everybody.    Should be here a week, then north to Tellico Plains for some woods, whitewater, and wide-open dirt terror.


Weeks of Residence

res·i·dence – noun
a person’s home; the place where someone lives.

For the last few weeks, I have resided in Ebro, Fl.  Before that, for 6 months, I was a vagabond, itinerant and peripatetic.   Remaining in one spot more than 2 days was the exception.  It was common to move 100 or more miles every day.  Well that changed when I tired of running from the cold and wind.  It seemed comfortable, finally, to find a place to park, plug in, and do some repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and spreading out.

Spreading out

The “spreading out” may be the most interesting, as it was literal, and figurative.  I spread out my stuff all over the compound, to clean inside the bus thoroughly for the first time in six months.  And I spread out all over the panhandle searching for new and interesting things to do.