Bryce Canyon and a Winter Storm

img_20161117_085403Wouldn’t you know it?  I am having fun once again, and the snow drives me away!  I guess I am always having fun – maybe THAT is the problem?  Well, I was really looking forward to exploring around Bryce Canyon and the Dixie National Forest, and a winter storm drops in to say hello – DAMMIT!  I did get the velocipede out for some pics and exercise, found the perfect campsite 4 miles away, and BOOM – Mother Nature comes calling – the slut!

Well down into the valley and Cedar City, to regroup and decide on a non-snow-laden destination south of here.  Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon and a Winter Storm

  1. You were WISE to get down to the town when you did!
    Cracked me up… southern boy gets so excited over the season’s first snow that he can’t sleep.
    Do you have to be super careful with those solar panels? Are they easy to scratch up? Did they work ok once you got them brushed off? What kind of power/hot water/refrigerator do you have on cloudy days? I guess you could put a cooler on your rack outside in the winter and you wouldn’t need a refrigerator at all. Nature’s fridge. 🙂
    Snow makes me want to drink cheap blackberry brandy and play poker.

  2. You should pay attention to that fella who supplies written comments over your commentary. He’s pretty smart and ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.

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