Weeks of Residence

res·i·dence – noun
a person’s home; the place where someone lives.

For the last few weeks, I have resided in Ebro, Fl.  Before that, for 6 months, I was a vagabond, itinerant and peripatetic.   Remaining in one spot more than 2 days was the exception.  It was common to move 100 or more miles every day.  Well that changed when I tired of running from the cold and wind.  It seemed comfortable, finally, to find a place to park, plug in, and do some repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and spreading out.

Spreading out

The “spreading out” may be the most interesting, as it was literal, and figurative.  I spread out my stuff all over the compound, to clean inside the bus thoroughly for the first time in six months.  And I spread out all over the panhandle searching for new and interesting things to do.

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