Blue Ridge Parkway in a Skoolie

20160608_142526Taking my time (like I have a choice in this beast) and eating at an overlook with with a nice view and Internet!!  Also nice and cool at 5,000 feet.

Winding my way over to Asheville to take care of some business, and see some flowers on the way.


Now I am done with lunch and a quick update, rolling on down the hills.


4 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway in a Skoolie

  1. Stop in and visit Silke and Hunter at Motovicious in Asheville. Motorcycle repairs and beer on tap. Tell ‘m I sent you and I’m sure they might still let you in the door.

  2. Coolness!! I lived in Charlotte for almost 20 years before moving to the Left Coast last year. Love Asheville and the Parkway and the Murphy area too. I am so homesick for North Carolina and Florida. I am also a kayaker, love old Florida springs and rivers. Enjoying living through your posts. Enjoy your time there! Both places.

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