And now for something completely different

Time for the weird stuff.

Yep, time to answer the question – “Where do you poo?”  After much consideration, I decided to design and install a combination toilet/shower – in essence a one-piece chamber to do your bidness, and shower up after 🙂  Looking into alternatives of fiberglass and glass shower inserts that I would have to CUT in order to fit into the bus, and still be unable to “shower”, or at least enjoy a standing shower, I decided I must opt for a sit-down shower.  Since that was already the most sane option, I could not figure why I should not add the composting toilet under the sit-down part, saving space.  I still have some design issues, including vertical support, a separate urine container, and what to cover the platform with to prevent the wood from rotting.  Well, it is a start.