Afternoon ride up to Engineer Mountain

img_20160917_154057Engineer Pass is part of the Alpine Loop, and I have been up there 4-5 times, and it is always a breathtaking ride and experience – much like a rollercoaster, and it never gets old.  The temps drop about 20 degrees from Ouray, and it is always good to bring another layer or two.  Being up here makes me understand why people climb mountains like Everest, and sometimes die trying.  It is truly exhilarating, and your loss of breath can be blamed on the altitude, or the view.pano_20160917_152131

Iblujohn did some exploring on the way back, and ran into some old mining structures I noticed from the top of the mountain.  Turned into a great side trip, and pointed out all the fantastic finds I have been missing by blazing thru in the past.img_20160917_163454

4 thoughts on “Afternoon ride up to Engineer Mountain

  1. Spectacular.
    But I don’t know how you can run so close to the edge without just freezing up. Some of that footage was sadistic, I swear. I broke a sweat.

    How do you get the camera to zoom when you ride by? Do you do that later, on the computer? What kind of camera is it?
    Thanks for taking us with you!

    1. On the moto I am fine, if walking I would succumb to my crippling vertigo – I cannot explain it. On the other hand, in this entire area, by far, almost always, the best (smoothest) path is closer to the edge. Jeeps and 4-wheelers have chewed up the inside paths, as nobody wants to be near the edge. So rocky, gnarly stuff is closer to “safety”. Also, I do tend to ride a bit closer to see, and to share 🙂

      Zooming and panning is done in post, with software.

  2. You have to do Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass if you have not already done so. We did it a few weeks ago out there.

    1. Oddly, those two are the ones I missed last year(snow was forecast) and that loop is on my list for today!!! I am very excited

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