Converting another school bus

I met a lady at a recent Skoolie Gathering, and suggested she come up to Ebro to get some help with her plumbing, as my method is a quick and easy method.  Ten days later she had a new bathroom, shower enclosure, and a fresh-water and grey-water tank hung beneath her her bus.  While none of the plumbing was actually functional, time constraints prevented flowing water.  It was cool to see someone else getting closer to getting out on the road.

Got a New Bus !

winnerAfter attending the recent Skoolie Gathering, I was even more anxious to get a bus.  One of the attendees told me the secret – bidding on multiple buses at the same time…..and BOOM!  Here she is – The CornHusker…straight out of the University of Nebraska motor pool.  The plan is to roll up to Tuscaloosa for a funeral Monday, then snatch the nephew for shuttle driver/boredom prevention, and we will head out Mon/Tues.  I am really excited about  getting started on the conversion, and being mobile once again.5534_300_6 5534_300_7

Stuck in Ebro again

vlcsnap-2017-02-03-10h16m10s043The first few weeks were depressing.  I lost my adventure-mobile, my home, and part of my identity for the last year and a half.

It was tough.

Shopping for a new rig has not been going well.  Used school buses are becoming the new rage, and the bidding wars are pushing them out of my price range.  So I have been spending my time working, building, and modifying the bike for longer distance.  I am watching a couple buses closely, and hopefully be able to snap one up in the next couple weeks, so I can start building the new adventure-mobile.  I am pretty excited and anxious to get my mobility back – the thing most Americans are missing.  You don’t really know what this facet means to you till you lose it, and man it hurts.

Its a good thing…..

img_20170101_131309Almost lost a tire in Troy, and only noticed because I stopped for lunch. Shockingly, there is a tire store open on Sunday? On New Years?  The guys had me fixed up with a new tire quicker than I could change a tire.  The spare was LOCKED anyhow, underneath the truck (rusted) and I would have been screwed on the side of the road.  Thank you Troy Firestone!

End of the Road?

It sure feels like it.  The bus spewed another leak as I was getting ready to roll south for the Skoolie Palooza in Quartzsite, and after a weekend of consideration, I decided to leave it there, and move on to another vehicle. It has been a very sad week, even tho the bus has given me much grief over the last few months, it WAS my home, and it gave me a TON of freedom and introduced me to a new life. I will miss her greatly.

I sit here typing this in the dark, at the beach house, after a transformer blew, leaving me searching for flashlights. Man I miss the bus. Hooking up solar this week, so I can live comfortably, on the grid.

Doom and Gloom in Bullhead City

trail of oil entering parking lot

Went on a quick trip tieing up loose ends and errands around town before moving south, and the oil pressure drops to almost zero.   A quick  turn into a gas station reveals the worst.  Looks like the end of my adventure – the bus has sprung yet ANOTHER leak, one losing oil faster than I can replace it. Wow, this sux so bad!  Gonna rent a truck and haul ass to Florida….and get a J.O.B.

Wow this sucks so balls!!