Adding Solar to the bus

I have been down this road before, so the process went pretty quickly.  Surprising how smoothly the process can go when you have the confidence and experience – trial and error zaps your time and energy quickly.


6 thoughts on “Adding Solar to the bus

  1. Don’t chime in often but enjoy keeping up with your exploits and progress on the new build. Stay well.


  2. How much were you able to keep from the old Skoolie as far as things like the solar panels, etc? Or did you have to start 100% from scratch?

    1. I was able to salvage MOST of the big ticket items(panels, controllers, batteries etc.) but left cables and switches on the bus. The only regret was leaving a $60 switch that is hard to find and install. I think I only have around $120 in the new install – lucky me 🙂

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