A week in Tellico Plains

A week of blazing down twisty roads, dirt and paved, left a smile on my face.  It seems as every twisty road had a stream or river beside it, or crossed one many times.  The scenery, the vistas, and the roads combined with the cool forest temps to make this a hard place to leave.

6 thoughts on “A week in Tellico Plains

    1. Thanks Johnny. I did spend a bit more time on that video, I had MUCH more time, as I was stuck inside for the 30 hours of rain Sunday!

  1. Nice dualsport type area. Schaweet! I always
    wonder where those older dirt roads went to when they were first cut? Old homesteads…mines….stills…grandmothers house? Wish i was there with ya. Nice video.

  2. Crazy thing is, I am only scratching the surface of the roads up here. Monday I rolled in at 9pm, worn out from riding all day, and barely went anywhere, <200 miles?

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