A week in St. George Utah

img_20161120_141826Spent a week camping and riding just south  of St. George across the Arizona line. Weather has been great till this week, and it appears that freezing weather is on the way, so it looks like I am rolling further south into Arizona. It has been great hanging out with two desert-riding buddies, but looks like I am leaving one behind. Scott has settled in here, found a job, and a lady. Lee appears to be ready for the warmer temps, so maybe we can hang out till the end of January? I hope to see Scott sooner than later, as I forgot how awesome it is having folks to hang  and ride with in the desert.

2 thoughts on “A week in St. George Utah

  1. I rented a Triumph Tiger a few months ago and stayed in St. George. I know exactly where you are camping. It is a cool place. I rode Zion & while it was packed w/ people, it was cool. Did you ride through the tunnel?
    Also, if you head south on I-15, the ride on 169 to 167 south is a great ride. Valley of Fire SP is close by too. Cool place (but lots of people on the weekend). You end up at the Hoover Dam.
    Great stories; keep them coming.

    1. as a matter of fact, my plan WAS to take 168/167….gonna test out Lake Mead before heading to Havasu – thanks for the tips, and yes I did ride thru the tunnels

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