One year ago today

I was beginning my 2016 adventure in Tennessee, and riding some twisty pavement and awesome dirt highways that crisscrossed the Appalachians for a week.  Now I am gathering my wits, slowly polishing the bus to make it livable, and planning the great escape for 2017.  The most planning is creating some income in the next few weeks so I can actually MOVE the bus.  Gas money is not enough, I need a bit of a buffer in case of repairs (tires, hoses, etc.) and the unknown – which is KNOWN to happen to me on adventure.  So the next few weeks will be repairing my bank account, and hopefully devising some consistent method of making income whilst I am travelling.

Today I am making deliveries to Tuscaloosa.

Yesterday I built some cabinets in a closet.

Running errands around The Ham

unnamedWhat a fantastic day,  I was so lucky to be able to run around finally on the bike.  I just fixed the oil leak the other day, after a few weeks of sitting (riding was low priority), and I discovered how tender my fanny had become from not riding – it happens quickly.  After only a few miles I realized what amazing weather it was, I think it was around 65 degrees at 10:30 this morning, and brisk and windy was the standard.  Homewood, downtown, then back down to Hoover, and a big backwoods loop to McCalla to pick up some steel…on the scoot.  Sure would have liked to spend more time riding but I had a couple projects I needed to finish up, so later in the week?

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